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LMS MGT SJP AC LK : E-Learning – Learning Management System(LMS) – University of Sri Jayewardenepura

The earning Management System (LMS) is a reliable platform that combines course materials, administration, and content into a simple online platform. It makes it simple for teachers to oversee classrooms and monitor students’ development, highlighting students’ strengths and weaknesses for continuous performance enhancement. Students can connect with content, work together with other students, and communicate with their teacher outside of the classroom thanks to LMS environments.

The LMS Administrators of the individual Faculties & Divisions can provide a User Name and a Password to staff members and students.

Online e-Learning resources of University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Faculties & Centers – LMS

LMS Documentations – Guide

How to Use LMS?

Learn to Use Click Here . step by step.

Zoom Online Classes

To set up a Zoom

  • To sync and operate Zoom Meetings (deliver your class), the teacher needs a computer. You should have a microphone, camera, and speaker on your PC.
  • Each student should download the zoom app on their tablet/ mobile phone or computer to launch the Zoom Meetings

How do you use Zoom?

University academic staff can log in to the zoom facility (https://learn.zoom.us) by obtaining a Username and a Password through the link https://cits.sjp.ac.lk/applyzoom.html. If you have any queries please contact Centre for IT Services or visit https://cits.sjp.ac.lk/zoom.html for more details.

Press https://learn.zoom.us and then select configure your account.

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What are the Communities in Digital Repository?

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External Examination Past Papers [16]
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Humanities & Social Sciences [240]
Library [43]
Management Studies & Commerce [183]
Medical Sciences [215]
Postgraduate Theses [1654]
Research Awards [2720]
Technology [2]
USJP – Academic Journals [843]
USJP – International and National Conferences [758]

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