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MA in English & Education Degree Programme – Sabaragamuwa University

The Master of Arts in English & Education (MA Eng. & Edu.) and Postgraduate Diploma in English & Education (PGD Eng. & Edu.) aim to disseminate knowledge for teachers, educators, practitioners, and administrators in Education who are looking for higher degree qualifications in the field of English. This degree combines the disciplines; of English Literature, Education, and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) to produce a dynamic individual who can be of higher value for the nation-building process and for the future of higher education in Sri Lanka. Sixty (60) credit MA qualification has been designed for those who are graduated in English and are employed in teaching English at various pedagogical levels and a 35-credit PG Diploma provides the graduates the opportunity for an early exit as well. Having this qualification, graduates will be able to work responsibly, efficiently, independently, and with an advanced pedagogical spirit in teaching English Literature, general English, and education management, which will open up rewarding opportunities in their future careers.

Intended Learning Outcomes: MA

Upon completion of the MA program, graduates are expected to:

  • Improve English language skills to suit the advanced learning environment and to enhance critical thinking ability to meet the challenges in the new academic and social world
  • Understand the usability of English Literature in higher education for capacity development while having an improved understanding of how to appreciate a modern literary text
  • Demonstrate a cultivated understanding of literature and disseminate such to students at various levels and use literature to improve language skills and intercultural understanding
  • Produce critical ability, problem-solving skills, cultural sensitivity in a multicultural environment, self-awareness, and effective communication skills in the areas of English and Education
  • Improve pedagogical skills such as reading, writing, and knowledge dissemination while also focusing on problem-solving abilities and empathy for the communities and individuals in a developing nation
  • Understand and explore the major research areas in English Literature and issues and dilemmas in modern English education in the country
  • Relate theories in education with the practice, especially in the nation-building process
  • Demonstrate a global perspective in literature and education and awareness of the implications of institutional differences on its performance

Intended Learning Outcomes: PGD

Upon completion of the PGD, graduates are expected to:

  • Enhance content, pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge, and ability of knowledge dissemination
  • Heighten the latest expertise, competence, and standards that could enrich the educational prospects of their students
  • Develop potential for integrating all aspects of quality teaching and develop instructions and approaches to engage learners in order to increase their outcomes
  • Review, renew and extend commitment as change agents to the moral purposes of teaching, thereby acquiring and developing critically the knowledge, skills, and emotional intelligence required for good professional thinking and practice-based needs
  • Revitalize the teaching profession, and support significant educational reforms and changes that affect teaching practice

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Closing Date: 2022-11-19
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